childrens electric quad bikes – First hand experience

These childrens electric quad bikes are some of the best ones on the market. If your child have asked for the best electric quad bike. You can be sure, the one your looking for is sat on this page ready to be bought by you. Although they are fairly expensive to purchase they are well worth the money. I bought mine in 2015 and my kids love it, and it has never let us down once.

In this article your going to find the best childrens electric quad bikes money can buy. With all the details you need to know from speed to wheels sizes you’ll get it all. And all the pros and cons every quad has to offer. Another great thing is, if money is a bit tight at the moment, or you just want spread the cost. Then depending on which one you choose, you may be able to get it on finance.

FunBikes T-Max Roughrider 1000w Electric Green Kids Quad Bike

At the top of the post because it’s my favourite out of the five we have listed. This stunning looking electric quad bike 1000w 36v is a beast. Your child can learn to ride this on the slowest of the three speed settings at just 6MPH. Once your child is comfortable riding they can easily, turn up the speed setting and reach speed up to 16MPH.

16MPH for any child, is a fast speed and they should be monitored at all times when riding this 1000w electric quad bike. Theres also a throttle response button that allows you to have it aggressive or gentle.

This has bigger 10inch tyres than standard, on its 6inch rims. And hydraulic shock absorber and rear Mono Shock. For better traction and a smoother ride. The recommended age is 6-12 but its at your discretion.


  • Front & Back Hydraulic Disc Brakes
  • 1000 Watt Motor
  • 3 Speed Settings
  • Throttle Response
  • Forward/Reverse
  • Front and Back Lights
  • Travel 18 miles on full charge


  • Great quality
  • Great for starters and more advanced riders
  • stands out from the rest


  • More expensive than most


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FunBikes Toxic 800w Black Red Kids Electric Mini Quad Bike

Next in the list is the Toxic 800w kids quad. This quad is a fair bit cheaper than the one above, mainly just down to less features. This is still great for any child, as it still has some great features. Its got a front light, not that your going to use it in the dark, but its gives it a better look.

This is the 800w version with 36v motor, so this is not by any means a slow quad. With 3 speed settings 5, 8, 13mph also with reverse. If you plan to take this quad out make sure you charge it for 5-8hrs to fully charge it. And you can expect to get around 45-120 minutes ride time with it.


  • Disk brakes front & back
  • 3 speed settings
  • Forward & Reverse
  • Front lights
  • 10 inch tyres

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FunBikes Ranger 800w Camo Childs Electric Mini Quad Bike

As you can see, this one do not look the same as the others on this page. Looking more like a farmers quad, looking big than it is at a height of 65cm. This is another with the 800w motor, and the bigger 10 inch tyres. And 3 disk brakes two at the front and one at the back.

The speed can also be controlled like all of the quads on here. The three speed settings consist of 5, 8, 13MPH, which is great for beginners and more experienced riders. As you can see at the back of the electric quad bike theres room for storage.

Similar to the one before this you need to charge it for 5 – 8 Hours, which will let you ride for about 45-120 minutes. If you wanted longer ride time you could always buy another battery which will double your child time out riding.


  • 3 speed settings
  • Front lights
  • Bigger wheels & tyres
  • Front & back disk brakes

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MAF EX800 Electric Mini Quad 800 watt 36 volt

This is the quad that I bought for my kids back in 2015, and i got to say they love it. We have used it in wet conditions such as rain and snow and it still haven’t broke down. Although i don’t recommend you doing that as they are not meant to be used in wet conditions.

The only down side to this quad is that it don’t come with the bigger wheels that the others do. It comes with 4inch rims which are small but i suppose it is for small children. It has 2 front disk brakes and 1 back disk. 3speed settings 5, 8 and 13mph, it has no problem pulling me 10 stone and my 3 year old around, even on some hills.


  • Front & Rear Disk Brakes
  • Horn
  • 3Speed Settings
  • 45 Mins – 120 Minutes ride time
  • Forward & Reverse

Full Review Here: kids electric quad bike 36v 800w


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Funbikes 24v 250w Bambino Black Kids Electric Quad Bike

The last one on our list, is this kids electric quad bike 24v 250w. If your on a budget or just looking for something that is less expensive than the rest this may be the quad for you. As long as you don’t mind compromising with a few things such as speed & looks.

This 24v electric quad bike, does only 7MPH which is half as fast as the others. Only has a rear brake rather than two brakes, but it is a disk brake. It does have bigger 6inch wheels which is a plus. It does have a 50Kg max rider weight, so no big boys to be using this one.


  • Bigger wheels & tyres
  • Cheaper Than The Rest
  • 40 minute ride time

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Buying one of these, maybe the best christmas or birthday present you could ever buy for your child. It won’t be thrown in the bin a few months down the line, or they won’t get bored of it. And a good thing is, this is not a product anyone can buy. So, you won’t be down your local park an there be 5 kids all riding around on one. So if you looking for a unique christmas gift for kids, this maybe the one.

Wether you go for the 24v electric quad bike or the 1000w one. You won’t be disappointed, as these supply endless fun. And will last for years to come, as long as you maintain them.

Have you bought your child a quad yet?


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