Wooden climbing frames with monkey bars

It is the duty of the parent to ensure that their kids are happy and having fun as they learn different development skills. A climbing frame is one of those toys that keep the kids busy and engaged. The challenge comes in when selecting the best wooden climbing frames with monkey bars for your kid. A good climbing frame with monkey bars should challenge children and let their imaginations run wild.

The wooden frame should have activities that enable the kids to test their coordination, communication, agility, balancing skills, and solve problems, but at the same time, it should be fun.

A good children’s climbing frame should offer lots of activities such as sliding, climbing, swinging, and role plays. Make sure that it fits and blends well with your garden. Another important thing to note is the safety standards. A great climbing frame and swing should be safe for your kids to use. 

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Below are some of the best wooden climbing frames on the market. 

Wooden Climbing Frames with Monkey Bars

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Dunster® BalconyFort™ Wooden Climbing Frames with Monkey Bars 

Wooden Playhouse Climbing Frame Childrens Outdoor Play Tower Monkey Bar Swing Set Club House - Dunster House® BalconyFort™ Searcher

The Dunster House climbing frames with monkey bars is an excellent toy box to add to your compound. It has a wide range of games which will keep your kids busy and fully engaged. And  recommended for use by kids aged 3-years and above.

It is made of hardwood and metal, which ensure the longevity of the frame. Your kid can swing, slide, climb or play inside the house along with his headphones. The monkey bars can be used by older kids, while the lower playhouse is great for toddlers. 


      • It is constructed from quality materials for durability
      • It provides kids with endless activities as they can swing, slide, climb or play role games
      • Buyers get a 10-year wood warranty
      • It meets the safety standards, so you can be assured that your kid will be safe
      • It promotes different skills as kids engage in more than two games 


      • It requires a large setup area
      • It is a little bit time consuming to set up
      • Only suitable for kids aged 3 and above
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MonkeyFort® Wilderness Wooden Climbing Frames with Monkey Bars

Monkey Bars Climbing Frame Pressure Treated Playhouse Wave Slide Swing Set - MonkeyFort® Wilderness

Kids love spending their time learning new things as they play with friends. One of the best ways to help them develop different skills is by acquiring this climbing frame. This is a quality kids frame with lots of features. You can use it  for swinging, sliding, and climbing.

Furthermore, the kids can play role games inside the playhouse. Also, they can climb on the playhouse using the monkey bars or play in the lower playhouse. This wooden frame is recommended for use by kids aged 3 years and above. With this playhouse around, your kids will never be bored again. 


      • Durably built from quality wood for longevity
      • Wide range of play features which comprises of swings, slides, and a playhouse
      • Many kids use it simultaneously, which encourages the development of different skills such as coordination and communication.
      • The manufacturer offers 10-year wood warranty


      • It is time-consuming to set up
      • It needs a large space to install it
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Dunster SquirrelFort Wooden Climbing Frames with Monkey Bars

Dunster House SquirrelFort Climbing Frame Monkey Bars with Playhouse SlideDunster is a famous brand when it comes to kids climbing frames and playhouses. This frame is sturdily made from sturdy wood and has lots of features. It has a slide, swing, ladder, tower, rock wall, and monkey bars. All of these allow the kids to engage in different activities.

As for Child’s  safety is concern, it is safe for 3-10 years aged chidden.  And yes, you get a 10 year guarantee on the timber.

On top of that, the Dunster house SquirrelFort climbing frame meets different safety standards such as the European Safety Standard EN71 and CE. With the thick slides and comfortable swing seats, your kids will have endless fun and entertainment. Before you buy this climbing frame, ensure that you have enough space to set it up. 


      • Well built for longevity
      • Provides kids with different activities as they can swing, climb, or slide
      • Helps kids to develop different skills as they engage in various activities with friends
      • Comfortable and safe to use as it meets the safety standards


      • It needs enough space to install it
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MonkeyFort® Woodland Wooden Climbing Frames with Monkey Bars


Monkey Bars Climbing Frame Pressure Treated Playhouse Wave Slide Swing Set - MonkeyFort® Woodland

If you are looking for a more versatile kid’s climbing frame, look no further than the Dunster house monkey bar climbing frame. The sturdy and versatile kids climbing frame and tower will keep your kids busy and away from technology. Your kids can slide, swing, or even climb on the frame.

The swings are made up of a comfortable seat and the slides are extra thick. Also, the climbing stones are properly fitted in place and are safe to climb on. No worries about safety!  This wooden frame with swings meets the European safety standard EN71 and CE.

Installing this climbing frame is easy and quick. Some of the parts that need fixing include the slides, ladders, monkey bars, and tower. The treated timber and plastic are the major components of this swing. The brand provides a 10-year warranty protection against rot and insect infestation. 


      • Durable because of Treated strong wood
      • Versatile as it offers different activities for kids
      • Meets safety standards which provide less worry to parents
      • A 10-year guarantee on the pressure treated timber


      • It is a bit cumbersome to install
      • Only suitable for kids aged 3-years and above
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Plum® Wooden Climbing Frames with Monkey Bars

Plum Climbing Cube Wooden Play Centre with Climbing Wall, Den & Slide


      • Brand: Plum
      • Color: Natural
      • Material: Wood
      • Dimensions: 2.13 x 3.57 x 2 meters
      • Weight: 135 Kilograms
      • Max weight capacity: 50 Kilograms
      • Recommended age: 36 months – 12 years

Are you searching for a sturdy and robust wooden climbing structure for your energy-packed kids? If yes, a Plum cubed-shaped climbing structure is perfectly suitable for your kids. With a strong wooden frame and multiple activities, it keeps the kids engage for hours while improving their physical and mental health.

Don’t worry about the structure material! Plum is very much concerned about safety and health issues. That’s why they used the FSC certified timber to build this swing with multiple activities and a lot of fun components.

If you talk about the activities that this incredible climbing structure is offering. In that case, it includes a climbing platform with a wooden ladder, a safe and sturdy 8 ft slide that you can convert into a water slide by connecting a water hose. Also, a cargo climbing net, wooden ladder wall, climbing rock wall with colorful hand & foot grips, metal monkey bars, and trapeze gym bars. Also, the camouflage fabric creates a den area inside the cube that kids can use for role play.


      • Beautiful cubed shaped structure
      • A den with camouflaged fabric
      • Roll down door
      • Climbing platform with steps
      • Hand and foot grips for the climbing wall
      • Cargo scrambled net
      • Monkey bars with double length
      • Wooden ladder
      • Gymnastic bars
      • 8ft wave slide
      • Premium FSC certified timber
      • Pressure-treated
      • Durable & long-lasting
      • Pre-drilled
      • Easy assembly


      • Assembly is time-consuming and complicated.
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DUTUI Wooden Climbing Frames with Monkey Bars

DUTUI Children's Climbing Frame Beech Wood Set, Indoor Wooden Swing with Slide and Rings, 1.5㎡ Family Playground, Soft and Willful Climbing Rope, 120X110x110cm


      • Brand: DUTUI
      • Color: Natural
      • Dimensions: 120X 110X 110cm
      • Max Load: 200 Kg
      • Material: European beech
      • Suitable age: 1- 7 years old
      • Outer coating: Water-based wood paint

Do you want to redefine the children’s room to meet their sports, play, and learning needs? If yes, DUTUI wooden climbing frames are a one-stop solution for all your needs. It is enriched with various accessories such as slides, rings, swings, tents, drawing boards, hammocks, and much more.

If you talk about its quality, its surface is smooth and free from any burr. The company takes very care about the safety matters. That is why they repeatedly sand the frames and then coat them with environmentally friendly water-based paint. They tried to avoid any harmful chemicals in paints to provide your kids a non-toxic, eco-friendly, and odor-less playing environment.

For your kid’s safety, the company kept all screws and ropes in grooves to avoid any skin damage and made it wear-resistant to stay long with your kids. It is easy to assemble and engage the kids for hours full of fun and joy. It helps your kids to unlock new motor skills and find new play methods.


      • Original Extensible design
      • Slides
      • Rings
      • Swings
      • Tents
      • Drawing board
      • Unlock new motor skills
      • Water-based paint
      • 30mm thick crossbar
      • Built-in screws
      • Ropes inside grooves


      • The assembly requires some technical person.
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KIDWOOD Wooden Climbing Frames with Monkey Bars

KIDWOOD Children Climbing Frame – Playground for kids, Climbing Wall and Monkey Bars, Wooden Climbing Station for Childs Mat Included


      • Brand: Kidwood
      • Color: Natural Wood
      • Dimensions: 115 x 113 x 110 cm
      • Weight: 30 Kilograms
      • Max weight capacity: 50 Kgs
      • Recommended Age: up to 7 years

Climbing is always the fundamental activity for kids to grow physically and cultivate mobility. This wooden climbing frame from Kidwood helps the kids control the body, master balance, and improve hands and feet coordination. And it encourages the kids to play in safe climbing facilities.

If you talk about these wooden climbing frames’ advantages, it exercises the baby’s observations, concentration, memory, thinking, imagination, calculation, induction, and perception. And it opens new possibilities for kids to learn new games and new solutions to their problems.

It provides endless activities to energy-packed kids, such as the side with the scramble net lets kids climb up, come back down, and move from one to another, even diagonally. The monkey bars at the top develop and strengthen the kid’s arm and back muscles and improved coordination.


      • Multi-functions climbing frame
      • Offers different activities
      • Wooden ladder
      • Climbing net
      • Monkey bars
      • Swing seat
      • Burr-free structure
      • Built-in screws
      • Ropes inside the grooves
      • Pressure-treated wood
      • Floor mat


      • It requires some technical person to assemble.
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DUTUI Castle Wooden Climbing Frames with Monkey Bars

DUTUI Home Kindergarten Small Naughty Castle Playground, Children's Slide, Indoor Solid Wood Children's Climbing Frame Swing Combination


      • Brand: Dutui
      • Color: Natural Wood
      • Dimensions: 115 x 113 x 110 cm
      • Weight: 35 Kgs
      • Max Weight Capacity: 50 Kgs
      • Recommended Age: up to 8 years

This perfect climbing frame from Dutui provides your kids to climb together with little hands and feet. This climbing, not only fun, but it moves all bones of your kid. And this bone movement ensures the significant development and growth in  baby’s muscle tissue in a balanced way. Yes, it also improves new motor skills in your kids.

This multi-functional climbing frame has different shapes that attract the kid’s attention. And the purely scientifically agronomical design improves the baby’s body balance and all skeletal muscles with climbing exercise. And it helps children to grow healthy and happy.

As for frame material is concerned, Dutui used high-quality imported pine wood to create this perfect climbing frame. This pinewood has both stability and hardness and is durable to stay long with your kids. Make sure Dutui believes in no compromise to kids’ safety and protection.


      • Ergonomically design
      • Safety and protection
      • Fine pine wood used
      • Fillet grinding
      • Ladder design
      • Rock climbing grips
      • Environmentally friendly & odor-less
      • Sturdy climbing net
      • 100% satisfaction promise


      • The floor mat is not included in the package.
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DUTUI Beech Wooden Climbing Frames with Monkey Bars

DUTUI Beech Climbing Frame To Exercise Children's Sensory Integration Ability, Children Indoor Climbing Children's Home Slide Swing, All Beech Wood


      • Brand: Dutui
      • Color: Natural Wood
      • Dimensions: 11 90mm X 1100mm X 1240mm
      • Material: Beech, Popular Multilayer Board
      • Appropriate Age: 18 months- 6 years old
      • Area Occupied: 1.31 Square Meter

This 1.31 square meters frame is, in fact, an amusement park for the whole family that every kid can own. The choice is very flexible because of its compact size; you can place it inside the living room or children’s room.

Because you cannot comprise on kids’ safety and protection, the same is the case with Dutui. They design this frame ergonomically to meet the need of all physical activities inside it, along with the perfect safety and protection. They used beech wood and Popular boards using craftsmanship to produce this burr-free climbing frame.

If you want to know about the activities that this fantastic climbing frame offers, the swing seat, the slide with climbing pieces, the ladder, monkey bars, climbing net, and many more. This multi-function frame helps to improve your kid’s physical health by climbing using all bones and muscles.


      • Ergonomically designed structure
      • Beechwood
      • Fully grind finish
      • Bur-free finishing
      • Monkey bars
      • Wooden ladder
      • Climbing net
      • Safe slide
      • Built-in screws and ropes
      • Climbing pieces


      • The floor mat is not included in the package.
      • The assembly takes a lot of time.
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DUTUI Home Wooden Climbing Frames with Monkey Bars

DUTUI Home Kindergarten Small Naughty Castle Playground, Children's Slide, Indoor Solid Wood Children's Climbing Frame Swing Combination


      • Brand: Dutui
      • Color: Natural Wood
      • Dimensions: 119cm x 106 cm x 116 cm
      • Weight: 35 Kgs
      • Max Weight Capacity: 60 Kgs
      • Material: Imported Solid Wood
      • Recommended Age: 18 months to 7 years

This solid wood-made climbing frame from Dutui is full of activities for your energy-packed kids. From climbing slides to monkey bars, it is full of fun and physical activities that move every bone of your kid. This bone movement ensures a perfectly healthy body and a smart mind.

Just like you, Dutui is more concerned about your kid’s safety and protection; that is why they used the solid wood that does not shake and provides ultimate safety for your kids. With the professional craftsmanship, they grind the sold wood for a bur-less quality.

If you want to know the activities that your kid can get from this fantastic climbing machine, it has a rock-climbing slide with multiple levels of hurdles. Along with a swing seat, your kid can enjoy the journey from one height to another.  And with monkey bars, your kid can develop shoulders, arms, and back muscles with a fun game.


      • Imported Solid wood made
      • Fillet grinding
      • Ladder design
      • Rock climbing design
      • Coarse material
      • Monkey bars
      • Hanging circles
      • Swinging fabrics bed
      • Polished without burr
      • Climbing net
      • Hidden screws
      • Rounded corners
      • Sturdy nylon ropes


      • It takes time to assemble this frame.
      • The floor mat is not provided.
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Frequently Asked Questions about Wooden climbing frames


What is the suitable age for playing with these wooden climbing frames with monkey bars?

Climbing is always fun for kids of every age. And it develops the physical health and improves their fine motor skills as well. The manufacturers recommend the 18 months age for kids to use the climbing frames. As it is growing age and kids start developing their bones and muscles with these physical activities. But these climbing frames require adult supervision when toddlers are trying to play over here.

What material do they use to make these climbing frames?

Your kid’s safety and protection are the topmost priority for the manufacturers; that is why they use the sold wood to ensure safety and protection. The solid wood does not shake and is sturdy enough to provide safe playing opportunities. Also, with fine grindings, they leave no burr that can harm your kids’ hands while playing. Also, they use non-toxic and odor-less polish to finish these smooth climbing frames.

Is there any hazard while playing with these climbing frames?

Bumping and falling are associated with climbing. So there is always a chance of falling for new learners. Over time kids get experts and learn how to balance their body. You should use the floor mat to avoid and unpleasant bumping or falling.

What is the appropriate size of wooden climbing frames for kids?

Size is a significant factor while buying the new climbing frame for your kids. Before deciding, keep in mind the size of your outdoor space. A giant climbing frame blocks the view of your garden, and that is not suitable for you. Also, it doesn’t feel good every time you look out of the window.


The climbing frames with monkey bars uk that we have discussed above are some of the best and meet the safety requirements. They have a wide range of activities and will keep your kids busy and entertained. At the same time, kids will develop different skills as they play with friends.